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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

KROOZ PAY - Payment Gateway Service


If I create my merchant account, how long before my account is approved?

When you create your merchant account, make sure you upload your identification document and business document for KYC verification. And if everything went well, your account is approved the same day.

If I signup as a merchant what are my benefits?

The benefit of KROOZ PAY Merchant Account as follow...

+ You have access to Rest API Plugins for your e-commerce website.
+ You have access to Payment Links you can send to your customers.
+ You have access to Payment Form you can add to your website.
+ You'll have access to Donation Form *(coming soon).
+ Accept payments from around the world.
+ Accept major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH.
+ Customers can pay using any major credit card and ACH bank payment.
+ Money received is transferred to your bank account through bank wire transfer.
+ Wallet to Wallet Transfer.
+ Advanced fraud protection.
+ Easy website integration of KROOZ Pay Gateway API Plugins and Payment Form.

Do you place any hold on new merchants?

No, there is no hold. You can initiate the bank wire transfer anytime if you have enough amount on your account to transfer. We do not hold fund unnecessary.

Will my first payment be available for withdraw?

Yes, payment is always available for withdrawal, you must initiate the bank wire transfer withdrawal and it is processed the same day received.

What is the minimal limit on bank wire transfer withdrawals?

$100 is preset as the minimal amount to withdraw. No, maximum limit.

How long does the bank wire transfer withdrawal take?

Normally bank wire transfer are processed by the bank within 24 hours. However, it could take longer depending on the recipient bank or country.

As a merchant if I subscribe to the merchant membership plan, can I use it for multiple businesses or it's just for one business?

If you have a merchant account and active merchant membership plan, you can add up to 5 businesses of your own. The business must be owned by you and not another person.

We have a video streaming business is that ok, would my account be banned?

Yes, it's OK and your account will not be banned.
But if you have problem with your customers and your customer raised dispute, make sure you settle the customer dispute professionally, and everyone will be happy.

Regular Users

If I signup as regular user, what are my benefit?

KROOZ PAY regular USER can only make payment to vendors.

Does regular user have to pay membership fee?

No, regular user does not pay membership fee because, they do not have access to KROOZ PAY Rest API, Payment links, Payment form, etc.

As a regular user, why should I login before making payment?

It's a security requirement that all users must login to their account to make payment, if you don't presently have KROOZ PAY account creating one is easy and it takes less than 30 seconds, all you need is your name, email address, telephone number, and password.

The benefits for you to have account is that you will be able to track all payment transactions you've made, the vendor/merchant you make the payment to, also ability to ticket/dispute features and should they be an issue with your transaction, you have ability to create a dispute with the merchant through your account and more.