KROOZ PAY: OpenCart 3 API Extension Plugin.

Download KroozPay OpenCart 3 Plugin

Installation Guide

  • 1. Firstly, click and Download KROOZ PAY OpenCart 3 extension and save the extension file ( to your computer.

  • 2. Then login to your OpenCart CMS as Admin.

    Install KroozPay OpenCart 3 Plugin

  • 3. Click Extensions.

  • 4. Click Extension Installer.

  • 5. Click Upload and select the KROOZ PAY OpenCart file ( from your computer.

  • 6. Then click Continue.

  • 7. To complete the configuration, you will need to add your KROOZ PAY Payment Gateway Client ID and Secret Key. You need to register with KROOZ PAY as a merchant - Click here to Register with KROOZ PAY.

DOWNLOAD KROOZPAY - OpenCart 3 API Plugin Here